March 2021

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Features are released for general availability (GA) to Cutting Edge customers with stringent performance and SLA criteria, and with in-app tutorials and documentation. During the Cutting Edge period of 1 to 6 weeks, customers can provide feedback that helps to shape the “final state” for Standard customer GA.

Collections (library)

Released: Cutting Edge, 03/24/2021

Marketers now have the ability to create collections of library assets to share with internal teams or externally with clients across themes, product lines, regions, markets, etc. This gives them the ability to keep assets in their internal folder structure within the library but share these assets across a variety of collections with different personas.

Task columns on everything Tab (work view)

Released: 03/31/2021

We have added the 'task' specific columns ('Current Assignees', 'Current Step', 'Workflow', 'Current Step Due', 'Current Step Name', 'Channels') as options on the Everything tab of the Work Module.

Start Date is no longer a mandatory field (task)

Released: 03/18/2021

When creating a task, the "Start Date" field is no longer mandatory, reducing friction and enabling users to plan their work more effectively.

Hierarchy selection of campaigns (filter)

Released: 03/18/2021

When selecting campaigns within the Filter panel, selecting a parent campaign will automatically select all sub-campaigns within it as well. Users can select/deselect any parent or sub-campaign to include in the filter. This selection will apply to any new campaign added to the tree afterward, and will be added to the “Saved View”.

Board view (work)

Released: 03/18/2021

We have released a new Kanban visualization within the Task tab in the Work module. In addition to the spreadsheet-style view users currently access, they can also view tasks and steps by status from the Kanban board. This enables a more agile manner, and understand the status of their work and update the status of tasks / steps in a more intuitive way.

Asset API v2 (bi-directional asset sync)

Released: 03/15/2021

This integration now supports bi-directional syncing. This means that in addition to sharing assets from Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) to another digital asset management system, users can import assets and new versions of existing assets can be sent to the CMP with updates to label metadata, titles, and folder location.

Notification to comment owner for replies without @mentions

Released: 03/01/2021

Don't miss another comment reply! Any responses to your comment or responses in a thread you're participating in will trigger both email & in-app notifications, even if you are not @mentioned within the thread.