July 2021

  • Updated

Plan view

Released: 07/27/2021

The all-new ‘Plan’ module combines Calendar and Work modules into one, giving users a single place to plan, visualize and manage all their campaigns and content. 

This release includes the following features:

  • List View - An intuitive, spreadsheet-like table to create, update and manage your marketing strategy.
  • Calendar View - A birds-eye view across all of your marketing activity — planned work and scheduled content.
  • Timeline View - An easy-to-read, Gantt-style calendar to visualize all of your marketing campaigns.
  • Board View - Agile-inspired views & powerful pivot tables to visualize work or content using robust metadata.
  • Unified Filter - A clutter-free and customizable filter panel that will preserve your selections across all views within the plan module.
  • Saved Views - A way to preserve your preferences for each of the above views for later use.

Integration catalog

Released: 07/16/2021

 (accessible via https://integrations.welcomesoftware.com)

Customers and prospects can now browse all of our available integrations and see detailed descriptions about what features are provided, what benefits and value the integration offers, and how they can get connected. They can also see screenshots of our integrations in a carousel of images, request new integrations, and vote on other requested integrations. Existing customers can be directed to knowledge-base articles and go directly in-app to setup the integration from the catalog.A total of 39 integrations are published today with approximately 10-15 more queued to be published to the catalog in the coming weeks.

Lite onboarding for freemium users

Released: 07/08/2021

Every new freemium user will now go through an interactive onboarding process guiding them to create campaigns and tasks with ease before they even land on the platform.