August 2021

  • Updated

Plan view feature updates

Released: 08/23/2021

  • An all new “Watcher” filter in the Advanced Filter section and “Watched by me” as a Quick Filter.
  • All date related filter dropdowns now support quick ranges such as This week, Next week, etc.
  • The month is now shown as a sticky note at the header of the Visual Calendar so that you don't get lost in all those amazing tasks cards.

Timeline calendar features

Released: 08/13/2021

  • Users can now add campaigns, tasks and events in-line.
  • Users can now multi-select drag and drop more than 1 row at a time.
  • Extension menu added (similar to list view).
  • PDF export with "color by" has a legend included at the bottom.

Current Step Only filter (Plan view)

Released: 08/02/2021

We have re-introduced the "Current Step Only" filter in the filter panel of the Plan module to work across all of the views.

Updates for trial instances (freemium/trial service)

Released: 08/02/2021

A couple of quick updates for Trial Instances:

  • We changed the Empty State CTA for MWR to a much more simple and user friendly action which will navigate the user to create their first Request.
  • We changed the images and due dates of our seeded data for Trial instances to match more with the content and the activities.