July 2022

  • Updated

Smart durations (workflow)

Released: 07/18/2022

This new feature automates the process of updating multiple due dates manually if a step is completed ahead/later than its due date. Activating this from the workflow settings page will allow you to automatically update subsequent due dates if the previous step has been completed or skipped.

To summarize, this will:

  • allow instance admins to activate/deactivate the feature on the workflow level.
  • auto update subsequent due dates based on the date of completion(or skip) of the previous step.
  • allow auto updating of due dates for dependent tasks as well.

Fields unification

Released: 07/18/2022

Labels and Custom Fields were once treated separately but are now merged into one category called “Fields,” designed for simplicity.

You can manage fields for any object, such as campaigns or tasks, from a single consolidated tab. You can also update taxonomy automatically based on inheritance logic.

SSO improvements

Released: 07/05/2022

SSO improvements to accommodate:

  • Auto login if user is already connected to SSO.
  • IFrame embeddable links from the share link experience.