Warnings when upgrading to Optimizely Feature Experimentation from Optimizely Full Stack Experimentation

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The following items list functionality available in Optimizely Full Stack Experimentation today but are not yet complete in Optimizely Feature Experimentation. These items are not technical blockers and do not prevent you from migrating to Feature Experimentation. But, if the functionality listed below is essential to your project, you may consider delaying your migration to Feature Experimentation:

Legacy Full Stack project contains a Feature Test with an off variation

If your legacy Full Stack Experimentation project contains a Feature Test with an off variation, the variations will remain off in your migrated project. Having off variations does not block you from upgrading, but you should assess what to do with your off variations before migrating.

How to check

  1. Select the Experiments tab.
  2. Select the Feature Test you would like to check.
  3. View the experiment's variations.
  4. If any variations are set to "Off," they will remain off in your migrated project.

Example of an experiment with an "off" variation:

variation_1 is set to off:


Technical reasoning

In Optimizely Feature Experimentation, you no longer toggle Feature Test variations on and off. Instead, one default "off" variation can be used across all Rules.

Because of this, you cannot turn the Off variation back On after migrating. 

Possible solutions

  • Turn all variations "on" before upgrading to Feature Experimentation. 
  • Delete any feature tests containing an "off" variation.

REST API usage

Optimizely Feature Experimentation has a new REST API that replaces a subset of the existing REST APIs functionality. If you are currently managing the configuration of legacy Full Stack projects, features, or experiments with the REST API, you may need to update your code to use the new API. Migrating before making required updates may result in broken functionality.

Please refer to our API reference documentation for more information:

Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to learn more.

Jira or Salesforce DNA integration 

The following out-of-the-box integrations have not been completed:

If you upgrade to Optimizely Feature Experimentation now, you will lose the functionality of the Jira and Salesforce integrations. Review the developer documentation for the most up-to-date information.