• Regular Expression - Basic guide

    Regular Expression (RegEx) is very important for us in our technical life. As a Managed Services engineer, there may be some time you need to write a regular expression for example: for some kinds of complex redirection rules in F5's iRule or IIS's Web.config.   RegEx is not an easy stuff, and you should not over-utilize it for a simple/easy task. However, using RegEx with care can help you to make your work more effective.   I just write a short note for myself of several very basic RegEx pa...

  • How to retrieve Episerver Personalization authentication tokens

    Description When configuring personalization there might be the need to enter an admin token or authentication token in a site's configuration. Steps To access the authentication token navigate to the personalization portal under "account" > "site tokens" to see a list of the tokens for a site. for the purposes of keeping the information as valuable as possible the production site's tokens should only ever be used on the production environment.  

  • Episerver Perform: Merchandising user guide

    Episerver Recommendations Merchandising gives you the flexibility and control to further refine the product recommendations generated by the Episerver algorithms, or completely override the Episerver recommendations in order to execute specific campaigns in line with your overall site strategies and targets. Merchandising rules can be controlled in the Personalization Portal, and switched on/off and changed in real time. See the Merchandising user guide and take control of your on-site produ...

  • Episerver Reach: Mail user guide

    Mail lets you provide each and every recipient of your email communications with dynamically generated, personalized product recommendations in the body of the email.  In this guide, you can find detailed information on how to create and configure Episerver Mail recommendations widgets and generate the HTML links to insert into your email campaigns. This guide also describes Mail strategies and example Mail campaigns. See the Mail user guide. 

  • Episerver Reach: Triggers user guide

    Episerver Triggers  enables automated personalized emails to be sent via an Email Service Provider (ESP) that have been triggered by the on-site actions of the email recipient. These actions typically consist of some form of abandonment. It could be an abandoned basket, an abandoned browse or a specified trigger event. Abandoned basket: A user adds an item to the basket but does not purchase it. Abandoned browse: A user browses products on the site but leaves the site without adding anythin...