Issue with Visitor Group Geographic Location criteria

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This article describes an issue when using the built-in (Geographic Location) criteria. The editor can see the personalized content in edit mode but not after logged out/when clicking on view on website.

Make sure GeocityLite database is available in App_Data.

Check in the IIS logs to see where's the real client IP come from e.g firewall, load balancer, proxy server etc...?

If the site is deployed in a load balanced environment, you will get the load balancer's IP, which is the default setting for most of them. Check out X-Forwarded-For in order to get the real IP ( or check these tech notes to see if it helps:

In the website deployed in Azure, try adding the following setting to Web.config file

     <add key="episerver:ClientIPAddressHeader" value="OriginalIP" />

See more at: