Custom Forms Element view with Razor code

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By default, the Forms Element's view is in WebForms ascx code under ~\modules\_protected\EPiServer.Forms\Views\ElementBlocks folder. Here is an example to customize the Submit button (wrap the button text in <span>) in Razor code

1- Let's see the Forms.config file, there is a setting: formElementViewsFolder="~/Views/Shared/ElementBlocks" 

It means that the custom view code file will be placed here, not the ~\modules\_protected\EPiServer.Forms\Views\ElementBlocks folder.

2- Go to the folder that is in formElementViewsFolder setting, create SubmitButtonElementBlock.cshtml file

3- Write the Razor code for this view as below sample ans save this file.

4- Now, browse the website and see what will be generated:

Great! The Submit text is wrapped by <span> as desired.