Salesforce Connector connection automatically removed after deployment or restart webapp

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The Salesforce credentials might be removed/disappeared after a deployment or restart the web app. The user need to re-configure the connectors.


The connector credentials are are encrypted and saved based on the MAICryptoKey or the machineKey. If the MAICrytoKey is not specified, the machineKey encryption is used. However, if we use the machineky to encrypt, the credentials are removed when the DXP instance is restarted because the machineKey is different and will fail to decrypt the credentials, so you must save credentials again through the configuration screen. 



Make sure the "MAICryptoKey" is added to the root level of the appsettings.json like below


The MAICryptoKey must be specified with the same value in ALL the DXP instances that are connected to the same database. If it is missing or the value is different in any of the instances, the credentials will be deleted and must be re-entered.