Blob Application logging shows empty log

  • Updated

In CMS 11, the integration environment is configured with Blob storage, log level information and is using Episervers Logging classes.

When trying to log with the lines of code below, nothing shows up in the application logs. 

@using EPiServer.Logging
ILogger logger = LogManager.GetLogger(); 
logger.Debug("Some debug message"); 
logger.Error("Some error message"); 
logger.Information("Some info message");

In EPiserver CMS 11 there was an update that caused this issue. When configuring a logger factory by setting a property episerver:LoggerFactoryType either in web.config or (as we do in DXC) in Azure WebApp Application Settings to a type like EPiServer.Logging.TraceLoggerFactory, we need to specify a full type name, including assembly name: EPiServer.Logging.TraceLoggerFactory, EPiServer.Framework