The settings property 'SubscriptionInfo' was not found

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This article describes an error in the Episerver workspace and how to disable it. The complete error message is regarding the EPiServer Subscription Job.

Job: EPiServer Subscription Job (Hourly)
Message: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. [The settings property 'SubscriptionInfo' was not found.]

Subscriptions were configurable and were available in Episerver CMS 6.0/R2  as seen here.  

If you are not using the built-in subscription functionality (it was obsoleted in 7.5 and you are probably not using this feature) the recommendation is  to go into admin mode and de-select the "Active" checkbox for scheduled job "Subscription" and hit Save.  

To use this feature, a subscriptionInfo property defined in web.config on the profile is required, otherwise a user of the site cannot subscribe, and a special template that uses these legacy APIs is also required where users sign up (so it's not a feature available in edit mode).   Out of the box in legacy site you might see this property but it appears to not be in newer versions out of the box.  There is a sample of a legacy configuration here.

This was raised in escalation CMS-9282‚Äč and the recommendation if not using this feature is to deactivate it moving forward as indicated above.