How To Reset The Builtin User In Ektron

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Unable to login to the workarea with any CMS user account including the builtin user. 

Note: We strongly recommend that after resetting the builtin account and solving your log in issue that you update and change (at least) the builtin account password to help secure your environment.

To reset the builtin account, you have two options.

1. Every CMS is bundled with a Builtin Reset utility which you can use to reset the account. 

The application can be found through the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400vXX\Utilities\BuiltinAccountReset

After clicking on the "BuiltinAccountReset" application, you should see a window appear with two tabs, Database and Account.

The Database tab is where you're going to enter in credentials so the utility can communicate with your site. If you're unsure of the values that need to be entered, the information can be found within the "ConnectionStrings" section of your web.config. You also may want to consult with your database administrator.

Note: "The DB info you need to reset can be found in the site's web.config in the site root folder - generally under a path similar to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\web.config. Then find the connectionstrings entry and the DB name and user info should be located there.

The Account tab is where you're going to actually set the credentials for the builtin user. These values can be set to anything you want. Also, don't forget to check the "Unlock Account" option just in case the builtin user is currently locked due to too many failed log in attempts.

Builtin Tool

2. Alternatively, you can run the following script on your database. When running the following query on your database, everything is handled for you. The builtin account username and password are reset back to just builtin.

UPDATE Users SET user_pwd = 'I23k4rWm980MIOA/1rPvZA==', login_attempts=0, user_name = 'builtin' WHERE user_id = 999999999