How to: Perform a manual database upgrade

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From time to time, Ektron Support may request a manual upgrade of a database. The manual upgrade process is good for upgrading a database to a base release without rerunning the site setup utility. It can also sometimes circumvent errors within the site setup utility, or identify what portion of the database upgrade is throwing an error message. As always, our support team recommends backing up the database before running any upgrade or direct manipulation of the database.

Note: This manual database upgrade does not update either the physical files for the site, or the base installation of Ektron on the server hosting the site.

  1. Backup the database that will be upgraded.
  2. On the server hosting the site navigate to the '\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400vX\Utilities\SiteSetup\Database' directory.
  3. Open the 'CMS400_DB_Scripts.doc' file. If this file does not exist within the directory, contact support for further information.
  4. Identify the order for scripts to be run within the 'Upgrade Order' column.
  5. Before running a script, review both the use and notes columns for the script. Not all scripts are applicable for every upgrade, or may require customization.


NOTE: You may get a "ContentCollectionView" or "siteview" error when running the scripts for the first time.  If so, this will require that the 'cms400_upgrade.sql' and 'cms400_storedproc.sql' scripts be run against the database again in the order specified in the 'CMS400_DB_Scripts.doc' file.  Running them the second time in that order should fix the error.