WCF sample application using strictly Ektron services.

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This is a WCF application sample using the Ektron services for test purposes.


This sample demonstrates how to add content to your site using a WCF Application. This application was tested on 9.1 SP1 with the latest CU. 

Code Sample 

To use this sample:

  1. Download the sample and open it in Visual Studio (rested with 2012).
  2. In the App.Config file, change the endpoint addresses to match your site's endpoint:
    • Example: "http://"Your Site"/workarea/services/ContentService.svc"
    • Example: "http://"Your Site"/workarea/services/UserService.svc"
    • In the example under Program.cs, change the Endpoint to match your site's endpoint.
    • This example uses the default Jedit user. You need to change the username and password to your own to authenticate.
  3. Build the application. It creates an executable file in the application folder under bin > Debug. For this example, it is called ServiceApiForFrameWorkApi.exe. Either run the executable file, or click start on the toolbar for Visual Studio. 
  4. If successful, the command window pops up, and the content ID is displayed.