Basket Manager Framework API code sample

  • Updated

With the roll out of the e-commerce Framework API in version 9, there has been many customers interested in implementing this API on its own and in tandem with the Ektron e-commerce server controls. The example presented below is for working with an e-commerce Basket Manager. 

This code will allow you to create a basket data object for a user that either is and isn’t logged in. This basket data can then be passed to the checkout server control for a seamless checkout experience.

Ektron.Cms.Framework.Commerce.BasketManager basMan = new Ektron.Cms.Framework.Commerce.BasketManager()

BasketData basket = new BasketData();

UserManager userMan = new UserManager();

long userID = userMan.RequestInformation.UserId;

        //for the code below to work properly you must make

        //sure a Default basket is already created for the shopper before getting it back.

if (userID > 0)  //customer has a user id


            basket = basMan.GetDefault(userID);

            basMan.SetDefault(basket.Id, userID);


else            //customer that is not logged in


            string _shopperGUID = Ektron.Cms.CommonApi.GetVisitorID(Page);

            basket = basMan.GetDefault(_shopperGUID);

            basket.IsDefault = true;

            basket.ShopperId = _shopperGUID;