Scheduled Events Not working (go live, archive)

  • Updated

Scheduled events (content set to go live or archive) are not executed at the scheduled time.

  • Was the event scheduled for the next day? (Applies to older product versions)
    • For example, if an event was scheduled to go live on a Monday, it should set the event for 12:00 A.M. Tuesday at the earliest because of how the Ektron Windows Service reads the events for the day at 11:59 P.M. each night.

  • Is the Ektron Windows Service started?
    • Review this article about how to make sure the service is working.
    • When content is published with a future go-live date, an entry is added to the database's perform_action table. When published content exists with a future go-live date, you should be able to find via SQL trace the stored procedure get_worktobedone. If you cannot find this stored procedure, the Ektron Windows Service might have a communication issue with the database.
    • Some logging might appear in the event viewer which indicates that the Ektron Windows service is processing information. That log data should include a content ID and a go-live time.
  • Are there any IP Restrictions, or an incorrect or inaccessible WSPath key value in web.config?
    • More information about this topic can be found here.
    • The Ektron Windows Service posts information using the SiteURL/Workarea/webservices/contentws.asmx service to trigger the content to go live. If an error is returned when browsing to this file, that indicates an issue with the Ektron Windows service. If nothing is returned from browsing this file, a security setting may prevent the CMS from functioning correctly.

  • NOTE: In versions before 9.10, if viewing content metadata in the Workarea without clicking Edit, you saw the pre-scheduled version of the content's metadata; that is, the version of the metadata upon the previous Publish. Stop and start the Ektron Windows Service to view the current version of the metadata.