Access to the Path Error

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When uploading or overwriting DMS documents or library items, are you experiencing an “Access to the path is denied” error? No need to worry, this is a fairly common error that is usually seen after a new site installation, a site migration, or a new server. 

This error is cause by inadequate IIS, Site, or folder permissions.

The first area to check is the site’s Application Pool Identity. Ektron requires the site to have the NetworkService Identity, so make sure the value is set correctly.

If the Application Pool is set correctly, next we will look at the permissions set to the site itself. In IIS, under “Sites”, right-click the site that is having the problem. Select “Edit Permissions…” then click on the “Security” tab. From here, click “Edit”, which will bring up a permissions window. Verify that Network Service is in the list of groups.


If it is not, click the "Edit" button under the "Group or user names:" window and then click on "Add". In this window type in Network Service and then the "Check Names" button. The user should appear in all capital letters, so go ahead and click the OK button. 

The last thing you want to do is give Full Control to the newly added Network Service group. Once you check off the full control check box, click "Apply" and then "OK".

Before closing out this one, also verify that the IIS_IUSRS user has the following permissions:  "Read & Execute", "List folder contents" and "Read".

Once both users have been verified and adjusted with appropriate rights to the site, we do recommend recycling the application pool even though it isn't a requirement.

If you're still running into issues after performing the above steps, please reach out to support for additional troubleshooting.