Business Analytics UpdateReportData Failure Error

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After upgrading, you're suddenly seeing the following error message generating constantly in your Event Viewer:

Message: Exception thrown from: /WorkArea/Analytics 

Business Analytics UpdateReportData Failed (see the Windows event log for 
details) at Ektron.Cms.EkException.ThrowException(Exception ex, 
EventLogEntryType EventType) 

We commonly see this error associated with the size of content_hits_tbl inside the database. When this table gets to a certain size, business analytics will begin to display those error messages inside the event viewer. While there isn't a set number to be on the look out for, generally anything over 500,000 is going to cause issues.

You can use the following command to see the current row count: 

SELECT count(*) from content_hits_tbl 

There are a few approaches to cleaning this table up. The method you choose depends on how you use the analytics data. Please make sure you back up your database before you do anything. 

1. Truncate the table to quickly remove all rows: 
TRUNCATE TABLE content_hits_tbl 

2. Remove rows between specified dates, for example( Warning: this will remove your analytics data within the specified range.
DELETE FROM dbo.content_hits_tbl 
WHERE hit_date between '08/01/2009' and '03/31/2012' 

3. Delete the 1000 oldest records (or some number you choose), for example: 
DELETE FROM content_hits_tbl 
WHERE hit_date IN (SELECT TOP 1000 hit_date FROM content_hits_tbl ORDER BY hit_date)