No endpoint listening within the Workarea

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When navigating or editing within the Workarea the following error message is displayed:

There was no endpoint listening that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action.

Old server information in the AssetServerTable can cause communication issues and inefficiencies with the CMS.

  1. In the site's database, right-click on the AssetServerTable and click Select top 1000 .
    Unless load balancing is configured you should see only your current Web server(siteAddress column) and a valid callback URL.
    If the table is populated with more entries than the current Web server(s) proceed with the directions. In cases where load balancing is used there should be one row for each of the web servers connected to the database. 
  2. Backup the site's database.
  3. Clear the  AssetServerTable with the delete from assetservertable script.
  4. Navigate to Services on the Web server.
  5. Stop the Ektron Windows Service 40 service.
  6. Start the Ektron Windows Service 40 service.
  7. The  AssetServerTable repopulates with the current server information.

If the error message persists after you follow these steps, ensure that the appropriate Ektron-related ports are open. For information about what ports Ektron uses, click here .

If there are any error messages within the Ektron L4 log after restarting the Ektron Windows Service 40 service,  contact your support representative.