Taxonomy_item_display_order does not reflect the order of the Taxonomy nodes in the workarea

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When using the TaxonomyManager GetTree method and sorting the taxonomy nodes using the TaxonomyItemsSortOrder.taxonomy_item_display_order, the list does not mirror the order of the taxonomy nodes in the Workarea Taxonomy tab. Instead, the taxonomy nodes and sub nodes are ordered alphabetically. 


Workarea taxonomy nodes:


The return output from the GetTree using TaxonomyItemsSortOrder.taxonomy_item_display_order:


To resolve

 1. Go to the parent taxonomy category.


 2. Click the Reorder button for the taxonomy category.


 3. Click the Update button. 


 4. Rerun the template. The results will reflect the order of the taxonomy nodes on the Workarea taxonomy tab.

* Note: You also need to complete this process to the subnodes to reflect the Workarea subnodes.