Uh Ohh... Error in the Workarea

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The following error can occur when you browse the workarea.

Uh Ohh...

It looks like an error may have occurred.
Rest assured, we've logged this error and we're working quickly to fix the issue.

To troubleshoot cause of the actual error, you will have to turn off the "Uh Ohh" error message to display the actual error in the event viewer on the Web server.

1. Go to /workarea/web.config file. (do not modify the main site's web.config)

2. Open the file. (Run Notepad as admin and open the file.)

3. Edit the following line:

<customerrors mode="On"></customerrors>

4. Change mode to "Off" or "RemoteOnly".

  • Off shows the error in the Workarea always
  • RemoteOnly shows it only when you are browsing from the server.

<customerrors mode="Off"></customerrors>

5. Save the file and reload the Workarea and it should display the actual error