Reusing the same License.config file across multiple Episerver sites in your local environment

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If you have a local environment where you have added multiple episerver sites in IIS, it can save you time to use the same License.config file across all sites.

For example, let us say you went to You created and downloaded a partner developer license that was bound to your machine's MAC address.

Instead of creating a new license for each site you add after the fact, you can just use the same one by referencing it with a bit of configuration.

In addition, if the time comes for the license to expire, you can change it in one central place and not have to modify configuration across the numerous each referencing site's configuration files.

In the Web.config for each site, find the <episerver.framework> section. If it does not exist already, add a child element <licensing />. Add an attribute called licenseFilePath and set its value to an absolute path to your License.config.

Do this for each site you need to set up licensing for.

Here's an example:

  <!-- other configuration -->
  <licensing licenseFilePath="C:/episerver/sites/licensing/License.config" />