Services Console Application Using Framework API

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This is a sample application that demonstrates the use of Ektron services and Framework API to add new content to a CMS system.

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To use this sample:
1. Download the sample and open it in Visual Studios (tested with 2012).

2. In the App.Config file, set the ek_ServicesPath value to the site URL service path.

        Example : 

<add key="ek_ServicesPath" value="http://cms400min91sp1/workarea/services/"/>

3. In the example under Program.cs, update the account in the Authenticate() call to a trusted CMS account with appropriate permissions.


string authToken = userClientManager.Authenticate("admin", "Admin001");

4. Build the application. It creates an executable file in the application folder, under bin > Debug. For this example, it is called ServicesFWApiSample.exe. Either run the executable file or click start on the Visual Studio toolbar.

5. If the build is successful, the command window pops-up and executes.

6. Verify that the content was created in the location specified in the ContentData for the new content.