Multiple DMS and Library File Uploader

  • Updated

This sample workarea smart desktop widget allows uploading to any folder within the cms that you have add permissions to. It works with any HTML 5 browser and allows you to drag and drop files in for uploading. Because it doesn't use the same mechanisms that the workarea normally uses, it allows for multiple dms uploads in all browsers. It also allows for multiple uploads to the library with currently does not exist in the workarea. 

There are a few limitations when using this that could be further developed and configured so we would suggest you try this out first. The file in the handlers folder is what processes the files uploaded if you want to view the code or modify it. Below are a few of those limitations:

  1. Library and DMS files will not be overwritten
  2. File uploads will not prompt you to add in a title, metadata, taxonomy or template
  3. The uploader is performs synchronous uploads 

(Updated 8-18-15)

Please follow the steps below to implement the widget

  1. Download the widget code here  (updated 8/18/25 for content type change from -1 to 7 for library items)
  2. Unzip the folder to the workarea/widgets folder.
  3. Log into the workarea.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Personalizations > Widgets and click on the Synchronize Widgets button.
  5. Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Personalizations > Widget Space and edit the existing UserSmartDesktop profile or create a new one.
  6. Add the new widget listed (LibraryDMSUploader).
  7. Navigate to your smart desktop and add a new tab for Library DMS Uploader.
  8. Drop in the widget to the dropzone and delete the second column so the widget takes up 100% width.
  9. Logout of the workarea and then back in.