Customizing the Table with Totals Report

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If an HTML form is set to store data in the database, you can run a report that displays the submitted data. To do so, navigate to the form and click View Reports.
One standard report format is "Table with Totals." This article explains how to customize that format.

The siteroot\Workarea\controls\forms\FormReportTotals.xslt file has a largeListSize property that affects this report's display. If the number of form responses is less than the largeListSize value, the report lists all responses. If the number of form responses exceeds the largeListSize value, the report only displays responses that have data. A response accumulates data when a site visitor selects it.
By default, this property's value is 5, but you can change it as desired.

Important! Files stored in the siteroot\Workarea folder are overwritten (or deleted) when you upgrade. To avoid problems, back up such files to a folder outside the siteroot\workarea folder.