Error when changing allowable uploads to library : File type has not been added

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When you change library file properties, you may encounter the error File type has not been added even if you have already added the file type to the whitelist in web.config .

  1. Go into the Workarea's library tab, click library in the left pane, and click the library properties button.

    lib prop

  2. Copy the list of image and file types into notepad.

    Library Filetypes

    You should have a list like this:


  3. Modify the list so it will be accepted in your workarea by adding a '*.' before the extension and ',' directly after. If your list was only  xml,css,doc,docx,f4v,flv then the resulting list would be *.xml,*.css,*.doc,*.docx,*.f4v,*.flv .
  4. Paste the list inside the value quotes. In the example above your whitelist would be as follows.


  5. If there are new file types you need to upload, add them to the end of the whitelist.

If you still cannot change the library file type properties, contact Ektron Support.