Canadian Calendar Event Dates

  • Updated

Calender events in Canadian English have an incorrect date format. The Canadian date format should be dd/mm/yyyy. Currently, it is mm/dd/yyyy. 

To fix this for Windows Server 2008r2, alter the file located at \Workarea\FrameworkUI\js\jQuery\Plugins\globinfo .

An example would be a format such as:
(function ($) {
    var cultures = $.global.cultures,
        en = cultures.en,
        standard = en.calendars.standard,
        culture = cultures["en-CA"] = $.extend(true, {}, en, {
            name: "en-CA",
            englishName: "English (Canada)",
            nativeName: "English (Canada)",
            numberFormat: {
                currency: {
                    pattern: ["-$n", "$n"]
            calendars: {
                standard: $.extend(true, {}, standard, {
                    patterns: {
                        d: "dd/mm/yyyy",
                        D: "MMMM-dd-yy",
                        f: "MMMM-dd-yy h:mm tt",
                        F: "MMMM-dd-yy h:mm:ss tt"
                    '/': "/"
        }, cultures["en-CA"]);
    culture.calendar = culture.calendars.standard;
    $ektron.datepicker.regional['en-CA'] = {
        dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy',

To modify the date format so it matches the customized server date format, change the date format strings above.