How To: Viewing a “Desktop” Website on a Mobile Device

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Is it possible to view the full version of your website from a mobile device? How can you load that up instead of the mobile version?

To provide the “full site” experience on a mobile device, the device’s browser cookies must store device information for the “Generic Device” group, (as opposed to a mobile device group).

The following method shows how to redirect a mobile device user to the default.aspx page (where the “full site” version of your website is located) when a button is clicked.

protected void ViewFullSite(object sender, EventArgs e)
     // Set our Cookie to use Generic Device View
     if (Request.Cookies["ecm"] != null)
     HttpCookie cookie = Request.Cookies["ecm"];

     // Update our Cookie to be Generic Device
     Response.Cookies["ecm"]["dvcMdl"] = "Generic";
     Response.Cookies["ecm"]["dvcOs"] = "Generic";
     Response.Cookies["ecm"]["dvcResWidth"] = "800";
     Response.Cookies["ecm"]["dvcResHeight"]= "600";
     Response.Cookies["ecm"]["dvcImgWidth"] = "600";
     Response.Cookies["ecm"]["dvcImgHeight"]= "600";


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