Resource Selector Times Out When Loading the Folder Tree

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When creating a smart form with a resource selector, by default the entire content tree is loaded and it can cause a javascript timeout issue when creating or editing content.

The reason that this happens is that the folder tree is being loaded all at once versus loading only the selected folder.

If you experience this issue, or slow load times with the folder tree load when using the resource selector, you will edit the following file in the workarea folder


on line 22:  Add PageDepth="1" as shown highlighted in the example below

resource selector issue 1

Without the pagedepth="1" set, the code will be instructed to load the entire tree. Depending on the number of folders in the workarea, loading the folder tree may time out or crash the browser.

With the pagedepth="1" set, the code is instead instructed to load one level at a time via ajax, which will then load the entire content tree without issue.