Error: Input String was not in a correct format

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Settings->Configuration->URL Aliasing->Aliasing Rules->Aliases

(Received this error in version 9.0 sp2)

produces error: Input string was not in a correct format.

Input Sting was not in correct format error

This error caused a corresponding Event Viewer error:

Corresponding event viewer error

This error is indicating there is an issue with view dbo.SiteViewSchemabound

Looking at the database we determine we were missing dbo.SiteViewSchemabound view.





Run the cms400_storedproc.sql, which recreates the missing dbo.SiteViewSchemabound view.
1) Backup your database .
2) Log into DB with an account with SA privs.
3) Re-run  C:\Program  Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400v90\Utilities\SiteSetup\Database\ 
4) If you get any errors, take a look at Services - Reports - Standard Reports - Service Broker Statistics.

In our case, we got an error regarding the InitiatorService because the owner was not dbo and had to clean out duplicate queues and services, then re-run the cms400_storedproc.sql.