Ektron Diagnostic Map Utility - Resource Strings Error

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Note: The diagnostics utility is now considered an obsolete functionality within the CMS, and it was removed as an installation option in 2015 for versions 9.1 and higher.

When you click on one of the server icons in the Ektron Diagnostic Map Utility, you get the following error:

System.TimeoutException: [HttpRequestTimedOutWithoutDetail] 
https://"SITE URL"/WorkArea/webservices/diagnostic.svc 
Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments 
provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem.

With errors like this, you need to install the diagnostic service on the server, verify the wspath to ensure the proper value has been entered, and correct the asset server table so it does not have 'localhost' in the callback url. 

For more on each aspect to this solution, please read the following:

Installing Diagnostics: http://documentation.ektron.com/cms400/v85/webhelp/Diagnostics/Diagnostics_Intro.htm

WSPath Details:
The value to look for in your site's web.config is the following:

add key="WSPath" value="https://localhost/CMS9Sp2/Workarea/ServerControlWS.asmx"

To test whether this is a valid property or not, grab the value and paste it into a browser as a URL. It may take a few seconds, but if the URL is valid, you should see the page render.

If you get a 404 or other page error, the value is not correct. You'll want to replace that value with the one from the Ektron default config.

1. Navigate to the Ektron Base Install folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400vXX\CommonFiles
2. Open the web.config in here and look for WSPath
3. Copy the value for this property and paste it into your site's web.config WSPath value.
4. Save and reload the site.

Here's how to update your AssetServer values in the database:

1. Back up your database.
2. Delete the records in the asset server table

delete from assetservertable

3. Restart Ektron windows service on all the web servers.
4. Make sure that the assetservertable gets repopulated

select* from assetservertable

5. It should have at least one record, and all the values should be filled out, including the call back URL.

Please note: If no record gets populated, please get in touch with the support team for additional troubleshooting.