Mirroring Error: Failure during page package transfer

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Below are steps to troubleshoot the following mirroring error:

Mirroring state: Failure during page package transfer
The following errors occured:
The type initializer for 'EPiServer.MirroringService.Common.RemoteEventsHandler' threw an exception.

  1. Verify that the assembly bindings in the mirroring site's web.config match the bindings versions of site it belongs to. 
  2. Verify the .dll files in the mirroring site match those of the site it belongs to. 
  3. Recycle the application pools of the mirroring sites. 
  4. Copy the episerverlog.config from the CMS site to the mirroring site folder and change the log levels to DEBUG
  5. Load the source, target, and their respective mirroring sites in a browser. 
  6. On the source site in the CMS go into Admin > Config > Mirroring, click on the job you are trying to run and click Check System. 
  7. Check the messages tab for errors. 
  8. Check the mirroringservice\appdata\ folder(or where ever you stored the logs) of the source and target sites for more detailed logging.