ODP + Optimizely Content Intelligence

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Populate your Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) visitor, lead, and customer profiles with the top 3 topic interests generated by Optimizely Content Intelligence. Content Intelligence automatically generates topic interests based on your site’s content and visitors’ browsing behavior.

Capturing these interests on ODP profiles enables analysis, segmentation, and activation that power personalized experiences for your leads and customers.


You must have access to Optimizely Content Intelligence to use this integration.

Update the ODP JavaScript tag

If you have not already implemented the ODP JavaScript tag on your site, see Implement the ODP JavaScript tag before continuing.

Modify the ODP JavaScript tag on your site to properly associate your web visitors to their corresponding Optimizely Content Intelligence profile.

  1. Locate the ODP JavaScript tag on your site.
  2. Insert the following code at the end of the tag, after zaius.event('pageview'); and before </script>.
    var contentIntel = document.cookie.match('(^|;)\\s*iv\\s*=\\s*([^;]+)')?.pop() || '';
    zaius.customer({ "content_intelligence_id": contentIntel});
    If you are using Google Tag Manager (GTM), do not use the code snippet above. Instead, insert the following:
    var contentIntel = document.cookie.match('(^|;)\\s*iv\\s*=\\s*([^;]+')[1] ||'';
    zaius.customer({ "content_intelligence_id":contentIntel})

Enable the integration

Enable the Optimizely Content Intelligence integration in ODP:

  1. Go to the App Directory.
  2. Select the Optimizely Content Intelligence app.
  3. Click Install App.
  4. Click the Settings tab.
  5. Copy your region's URL from the list below and paste it into the Site URL field:
    • United States (US)https://api.usea01.idio.episerver.net/1.0/
    • Canada (CA)https://api.caea01.idio.episerver.net/1.0/
    • Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)https://api.emea01.idio.episerver.net/1.0/
    • Asia-Pacific (APAC)https://api.apac01.idio.episerver.net/1.0/
    • Legacy Idio Customerhttps://api.idio.co/1.0/
  6. In Optimizely Content Intelligence, go to Engage > Deliveries > API and copy the Delivery Key.
  7. In ODP, go to App Directory > Optimizely Content Intelligence > Settings.
  8. Paste the delivery key into the API Key field.
  9. Click Authorize.
  10. (Optional) Toggle Enable Generative AI Topic Enrichment on. When enabled, an AI Generated Topic Interests customer attribute is made available, containing up to 9 additional topics of interests in a comma-separated list. These are generated by asking generative AI to provide related topics based on those populated by Optimizely's content intelligence engine.

Optimizely Content Intelligence attributes in ODP

After the integration configuration is complete, you will see three new attributes on ODP customer profiles:

  • Content Intelligence First Topic
  • Content Intelligence Second Topic
  • Content Intelligence Third Topic

Optimizely Content Intelligence automatically populates these attributes hourly for every visitor. Use these attributes in reporting, segmentation, and activation with real-time segments and campaigns.