Configured Commerce + CMS

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With two such powerful tools, there are a lot of features and functionality at your disposal. Use this table as a reference to know which application to use to manage different elements of your website.

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Element Product Description Link



Link navigation items to Optimizely Configured Commerce content or CMS content. 

Navigation (CMS)

Website user authentication

Optimizely Configured Commerce

Create and manage website users.

Add website users (Optimizely Configured Commerce)

Admin user authentication


Create admin users in both systems.

Add admin users (CMS)

Add admin users (Configured Commerce)

Product catalog and categories

Optimizely Configured Commerce

Create and manage products and categories.

Manage products (Optimizely Configured Commerce)

Manage categories (Optimizely Configured Commerce)



Manage the search indexes in each system separately. Build the website’s search results page to leverage the appropriate search index result.

Search index (CMS)

Search Index (Optimizely Configured Commerce)

Content editing


On-page editing is available for CMS-related content and static pages.

Content editing (CMS)

Content creation


Create content using pages or blocks.

Create content (CMS)

Collaboration and workflows


CMS manages content-related approval workflows.

Optimizely Configured Commerce manages order workflows for budgets, RFQs, etc.

Content approval (CMS)

Order workflows (Optimizely Configured Commerce)

Content personalization


Use visitor groups to personalize CMS content.

Visitor groups (CMS)



Manage segments independently in Configured Commerce and CMS, but apply both to a page to leverage each one's benefits.

  • Use Optimizely Configured Commerce customer segments for product content or restrictions for showing products in widgets.
  • Use CMS to personalize non-product content for a specific visitor group.

Customer segments (Optimizely Configured Commerce)

Visitor groups (CMS)

Optimizely Configured Commerce Apps

Mobile App

Optimizely build the Optimizely Configured Commerce Mobile app to interact with Optimizely Configured Commerce only, not CMS, so the app will function as it does today, and:

  • All mobile content will come from the Optimizely Configured Commerce environment
  • The Mobile SDK enables a broader use of the app from various tools, like CMS


You don't need to make any changes to the PIM integration with Optimizely Configured Commerce when using CMS. Product data you manage in PIM will continue to feed into Optimizely Configured Commerce, but CMS will render it on your website.