Count inventory

  • Updated

Use the Optimizely Configured Commerce Mobile app to count inventory with Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). This feature lets users scan a barcode in the app and enter information regarding the quantity available. Once counting has been completed and Checkout button is clicked the right quantity of each item will be added to the cart based on the configured min and max for each item. 

Users must have the role of VMI_Admin or VMI_User to use VMI.

  1. Open the mobile app.
  2. Tap Vendor Managed Inventory in the link list or on the Account page.
  3. Tap Count Inventory.
  4. Use the camera to scan the product code, or search for the product using the search field. The app automatically displays the product information.
  5. Enter the Quantity (QTY) and tap Update.
  6. Scan the next code and repeat step 5, if needed.
  7. Tap Checkout to compare the quantity on hand with the minimum and maximum quantities set for the product. If below the minimum number, the systems automatically adds the number needed to reach the maximum level set into the cart.
  8. Tap Submit Order.

A VMI Admin can also place the order on the website later, rather than having the person counting the inventory do it.