FAQ for GA4 issue with B2B Analytics

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With the deprecation of Universal Analytics in July 2023, Google Analytics 4 has a new feature called Google Signals that impacts whether data can be exported from Google Analytics via API. Optimizely’s B2B Analytics product depends on the GA4 API and is impacted by this change. As a result, several clients are experiencing a lack of data in their GA4 dashboards in B2B Analytics. The GA4 issue related to Google Signals only impacts the five Digital Analytics Dashboards of B2B Analytics. The four dashboards in the Orders section, the five dashboards in the Marketing section, and the Mobile App Analytics Dashboards of B2B Analytics are not impacted by this issue.

Why is this happening?

Google added a new feature to Google Analytics 4 that was not available in Universal Analytics called Google Signals. Google Signals enriches user-level data based on user information Google has from the user's own Google Accounts (such as Gmail and Chrome). This feature uses Google's large ecosystem to give you more information about your users. However, it also increases Google's liability in regard to user privacy.

To alleviate that liability, Google uses data thresholding for any site with a low amount of traffic. Many Optimizely clients fall into Google’s definition of low traffic, and Google is not sending data via its API.

How can I verify if thresholding is applied to my GA4 account?

In Google Analytics, an orange triangle icon displays on several key charts if data thresholding is applied to your account. To find that icon, follow these steps:

  1. Log into https://analytics.google.com/
  2. Select Reports.
  3. Go to User > User Attributes > Overview
  4. Find the Users by Age chart. If there is an orange triangle icon in the top right corner of that chart, thresholding has been applied to your account.

Is there a fix?

Google Signals is required if you are using Google Ads reporting on your site.

If you are not using Google Ads, you can disable Google Signals by following the steps below:

  1. Log into https://analytics.google.com/
  2. Click Admin.
  3. Go to PropertyData Settings > Data Collection.
  4. Disable the blue checkmark next to Google signals data collection.

If this change solves the problem, the data should start flowing into your B2B Analytics dashboards in 72 hours.

If there is no checkmark next to Google Signals and you see a Get Started button, click Get Started and follow the prompts to activate Google Signals. Once activated, toggle the blue checkmark to deactivate Google Signals.

Clients that have not indicated that they would like to activate Google Signals will have Google Signals activated by default in certain regions. You must activate Google Signals and then deactivate it.

I disabled Google Signals, but I still do not see GA4 data

If you disabled Google Signals more than 72 hours ago, the issue is with your setup of GA4 and GTM. Please follow the troubleshooting steps checklist to ensure that GA4 and GTM have been set properly. That checklist outlines how to:

  • Verify that your instance is on a version of Configured Commerce released in Sept 2022 (Release: 5.1.2209.2289) or later.
  • Verify that Optimizely access to your GA4 API.
  • Verify that your GA4 and GTM accounts are linked properly.
  • Verify the required custom dimensions have been inputted into your account.
  • Verify that you have only one configuration tag in GTM.
  • Verify that real time data is flowing in GA4.
  • Confirm the correct property ID and site URL was shared with Optimizely support.

If this change solves the problem, the data should start flowing into your B2B Analytics dashboards in 72 hours.

Please reach out to support@optimizely.com or your customer success manager if your account is still having an issue with GA4 data after completing the above steps.

I am using Google Ads. Is there any anther fix that does not require disabling Google Signals?

Due to the changing global landscape regarding privacy and personal data, this change to Google Analytics is a permanent issue for the B2B Analytics product. The Optimizely team is planning to release a replacement product for the Digital Analytics dashboards in mid-2024 that will use the event-tracking capabilities of the Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) instead of Google Analytics 4. Until that solution is available, clients should reach out to their CSM to discuss other short-term workaround solutions.