2024 Commerce Connect release notes

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July 9, 2024

EPiServer.Commerce 14.24.0


Bug fixes

  • COM-18032 – Fixed an issue where read-only fields were still editable.
  • COM-18139 – Fixed circular reference issues by implementing a check for self-reference in CatalogNodeRelation.
  • COM-18142 – Fixed an issue where a migration failed when there was no indexer in SearchOptions.

July 3, 2024

EPiServer.Commerce.PIM 1.2.4

Bug fixes

  • COM-18288 – Fixed an issue where decimal data types did not sync to PIM.
  • COM-17986 – Fixed an issue with insufficient logging for PIMSyncService.

June 18, 2024

EpiServer.Commerce 14.23.0


  • Added the ability to use AI to improve product detail descriptions. This lets you generate text for product properties.
  • Added the ability to go to a specific page by typing the page number. This also includes shortcuts to go to the start or end of a list.
  • Updated the ODP connector to only send data that has changed or been added since the last export.

Bug fixes

  • COM-18059 – Improved the performance of ecf_CatalogRelation to avoid timeouts when publishing.
  • COM-18144 – Fixed an issue with a missing line in Commerce.Azure 1.0.1.sql.
  • COM-18152 – Fixed an issue where the OrderExporter did not handle an empty order (no form).

June 4, 2024

Service API – EPiServer.ServiceAPI 7.1.0


  • Added support for Sites in the Catalog.

Bug fixes

  • COM-14859 – Fixed an error when you deleted an unknown media blob.
  • COM-17718 – Fixed an issue where ServiceAPI did not properly update the node when you tried to move it to the catalog.

May 28, 2024

EPiServer.Commerce 14.22.0


  • Added the ability to sort columns in Order Management.

Bug fixes

  • COM-17991 – Enabled the Last Modified column in the Order Management table.
  • COM-17996 – Fixed an issue where expired, translated products received a 404 error instead of using the fallback language. Set EvalutePublishDates = true when loading language options to prevent 404 errors for expired products.
  • COM-18000 – Fixed an issue where the Date of Birth field was not editable on the Contact form.
  • COM-18004 – Improved the running query timeout setting for MetaFieldEnsureCultureSpecific to prevent timeouts for big catalogs. The default is now 180 seconds.
  • COM-18008 – Fixed AzureComptability for EPiSever.Commerce.Azure update scripts.
  • COM-18064 – Fixed an issue where a cart converted to an order or subscription did not display on the first page of that type.

May 7, 2024

EPiServer.Commerce 14.21.0


  • Added the ability to archive catalog items to prevent accidental deletion.
  • Added the ability to view archived catalog items with options to restore or permanently delete.
  • Added the ability to restore any archived catalog items.

April 16, 2024

EPiServer.Commerce 14.20.0


  • Created batch files to collect changes so that bulk import APIs can be used instead of pushing data to real-time APIs in small batches. 

Bug fixes

  • COM-17761 – Fixed an issue in Contacts where Last Order Date displayed as Invalid DateLast Order Date also did not update when a customer completed an order. 
  • COM-17776 – Fixed an issue where you could not search for an order with the "+" character. 

March 20, 2024

EPiServer.Commerce 14.19.0


  • Added a built-in Discount type labeled as Buy 1 get Y. Whenever you put an applicable item into your cart, you also get Y free, specific or like-for-like, including gift items.
  • Updated the Commerce Admin UI to allow searching by Cart Number and Subscription Number.

Bug fixes

  • COM-17732 – Fixed an issue where importing a product with a changed name without SEO information caused its UriSegment to change unexpectedly.
  • COM-17318 – Fixed an error that caused the UI notification feature to not work in the Commerce or Order Management view.
  • COM-17801 – Fixed an issue where the Parent Organization of a Contact was blank when the organization was at the 1001st organization or later.

March 5, 2024

EPiServer.Commerce 14.18.0


  • Added a modal in the Organization and Contacts views replacing the previous drop-down field to go between pages of records and allow users to search records.
  • Added relations between classes and contacts or organizations.
    • Added relation 1N, NN from organization or contacts to other classes.
    • Added relation N1, NN from other classes to organization or contacts.

Bug fixes

  • COM-17685 – Fixed an issue where loading data of a metaclass with primary key in Integer type caused a casting issue that broke the Search request.
  • COM-17715 – Updated the ODP CustomerExporter to skip contacts with faulty data and log a warning message rather than throw an error.
  • COM-17687 – Fixed an issue where the ODP Export job created HttpClients.

February 20, 2024

EPiServer.Commerce 14.17.0


  • Added multisite support for the ODP export job in Commerce 14.
  • Updated Market Name in Settings to allow hyphenated text.

Bug fixes

  • COM-17674 – Fixed an issue where CurrencyManager.GetData handled cases when a CurrencyAllowNegative attribute was not available. 
  • COM-17221 – Updated Warehouse to also allow unicode characters for the name.
  • COM-17704 – Changed the ODP timestamp to Unix time.

February 6, 2024

Service API – EPiServer.ServiceAPI 7.0.4

Bug fixes

  • COM-17701 – Fixed an issue where overwriting MediaData while importing with ServiceApi created a version instead of overwriting in place (ForceCurrentVersion).

January 23, 2024

EPiServer.Commerce 14.16.0


  • Added multisite support for the ODP export job in Commerce 13.

    Configuration example:

      <add key="episerver:odp.EndpointUrl.Alias1" value=" USEndpoint"/>
      <add key="episerver:odp.AccessKey.Alias1" value=" USAccountKey"/>
    <add key="episerver:odp.Catalogs.Alias1" value="Catalog1;Catalog2"/>
    <add key="episerver:odp.MarketIds.Alias1" value="USEast; USWest " /> <add key="episerver:odp.EndpointUrl.Alias2" value=" EUEndpoint"/>
    <add key="episerver:odp.AccessKey.Alias2" value=" EUAccountKey"/>

    The Alias1 and Alias2 segments only group settings and can be any string. The example above exports catalog, customer, and order data to USAccountKey account available at the USEndpoint endpoint. Commerce only exports data from Catalog1 and Catalog2 and data associated with the USEast or USWest markets. A second export runs the EUAccountKey account with some other Catalog or Market filter that the example does not reveal.

Bug fixes

  • COM-17155 – Extended OrderReportData.CustomerName database column from 64 to 255 characters.
  • COM-17459 – Fixed an issue where if a CatalogContent item is published in one language, editing the draft version of a different, never published, language also published that language.

January 2, 2024

EPiServer.Commerce 14.15.5

Bug fixes

  • COM-17451 – Fixed an organization loading issue when a contact containing a custom Field Type of Currency or Integer and a Format Type of Duration was added to the organization.
  •  COM-17450 – Fixed an exception when users tried to add a contact to an organization containing a custom Field Type of Dictionary items and Format Type of MultiValue.