Create product collections

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You can create commonly used collections and pin them to the dashboard collections widget and the product list collections section.

You can create collections for things like product statuses used with other collections to find specific products. For example, you may use a generic collection for products that are Ready for approval with collections for products assigned to specific templates to review and approve specific types of products.

Likewise, if you often need to see a specific set of columns on the product list, you can save columns as a view and switch between views to see the relevant data for the products you are currently reviewing. 

  1. Use the filtering process above to sort your products into a view you will use frequently.
  2. You can enter filters below each column to get the products you want. For example, enter Lumber in the Template Name filter to show only lumber-related products. You can select multiple collections if the filters do not conflict.
  3. Click Create Collection.
  4. Add a collection name and description.
    • Click Pin to pin the collection to your dashboard and Product List page.
    • Select whether the collection is Private or Global. Everyone can see global collections in your organization, while private collections are visible only to you.
  5. Click Save. The collection displays in the Pinned list (if you pinned it).