Add products to a category

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Add products to a category

  1. Click the Products tab for a category.
  2. Click the Assign Products icon.
  3. Select the products you want to assign. You can sort or filter products or use the toggle to see only products not assigned to any categories.
  4. Click Assign when you finish selecting products.

Add products with dynamic rules

Dynamic rules let you automatically assign products to a category when they meet certain criteria. Dynamic rules are dependent on properties and product templates, so you should configure your properties and product templates first.

When you add or remove published products from a dynamic category, their status is automatically updated to Approved. Other product statuses remain the same.

  1. Click the Products tab for a category.
  2. Turn on Use Dynamic Rules.
  3. Define the rules for this category:


    • Choose whether to include products that match All or Any of the rules.
    • Choose a property to set a rule.
    • Choose the operator: Equals, Is Not Equal To, Matches, and Is Included in List. The available operators vary based on the control type used by the property.
      • For the operators Equals and Is Not Equal To, select the corresponding value from a drop-down list or enter the value in a text box. If the property from which you are pulling is a multi-select property, you can select multiple values. Each product must match all values to be added to the category.
      • If you choose Is Included in List, select the corresponding value. If you select multiple values, products with any of the selected values are added to the category.
      • If you use Matches, enter the match value in the text box. You can also use a * wildcard to make any number of characters and ? as a wildcard for a specific character.
    • Click + Rule to add another rule. Products assigned will either match All or Any of the rules you add, depending on your initial selection.
    • Click the Delete icon to remove a rule.

    • Click Save when you are finished. The products that meet your rule requirements populate in the grid.

Turn off Use Dynamic Rules to stop using dynamic categories. This removes any existing rules and cancels auto-assigning of products.

Dynamic category rules are evaluated when you save the rule and when products are published to Optimizely Configured Commerce. When new products are imported or edited in the PIM to meet a rule, they do not show up as assigned to the category until the publish job runs.