June 2024 release

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Release: 5.2.2406.1982+sts

The following is a list of the bug fixes and enhancements in the June 2024 release. Some bug fixes listed below may address existing support articles. A comprehensive list is at the bottom of this page.

The June 2024 release is now available for developers to pull down and work with locally or to request for deployments.

Release highlights

  • Optimizely Configured Commerce has implemented a new Payment Service using the Spreedly iFrame to improve how you interact with payment platforms. You no longer have to implement code or consider storefront implications. Payment Service also lets you implement multiple payment services on a single website and choose from a wider variety of options.
  • You can now offer website users the ability to print a label sheet with QR codes and barcodes for storefront lists.
  • Spire's third-party NPM packages are no longer restricted by license type, allowing you to install any third-party NPM licenses for Spire. License information displays in the Admin Console.

Breaking changes

Binary breaking changes do not necessarily require code changes but rather just a recompilation of the project. This section describes breaking changes to method signatures or to method behaviors in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

Low risk

  • Added new, non-extensible methods to IPdfGenerator:
    • New rendering options available in updated version of IronPDF.
    • Ability to print multiple HTML documents and merge them into one PDF.
  • Renamed Spire component PrintAllPagesModal.tsx to WishListPrintModal.tsx. All modifications to props and parameters should be non-breaking.
  • Added WithQueryExpansion method to ISearchDescriptor and QueryExpansion property to ISearchRequest to let the shared search client set query expansion value for retail search queries.
  • Prevented storefront users from escalating to Admin Console access by adding a new method to IAuthenticationService, CreateAdminUser.

Partners/Developers: At the bottom of this page, you can view a cumulative list of breaking changes, including Spire breaking changes. The spreadsheet has two tabs: one for cumulative breaking changes and one for Spire breaking changes.

Database changes and updates

  • Set normalized role names.

Library changes and updates

No significant changes.

Enhancements and bug fixes

Spire enhancements

  • Added a new Payment Service, letting you engage with a payments platform without implementing new code and considering changes to the application's front-end. You can also implement multiple payment services on your storefront.
  • Added the ability for storefront users to print a label sheet with QR codes or barcodes from Lists.
  • Updated date and number formats to match language codes when translating the Admin Console. For example, if the language is US English (enUS), the date format is mm/dd/yyyy (06/30/2024). If the language is French (frFR), the date format is dd/mm/yy (30/06/2024).
  • Improved Spire's BodyEnd, BodyStart, HeadEnd, and HeadStart layout sections to receive website settings so that blueprint customizations can utilize website settings values if server-side rendering is required in the <head> or <body> elements. A common example would be to add third-party JavaScript resources that require an account-specific value to load, such as Google tracking scripts.
  • Updated Spire third-party NPM packages to no longer be restricted by license type. You can now install any third-party NPM licenses for Spire. License information displays in the Admin Console.

Other enhancements

  • Updated the FedEx Rating Service to use REST APIs. FedEx is deprecating their web services on August 30, but you can still use this service as normal before this date. See Create the FedEx carrier record for information.
  • Increased the search rebuild query time limit to 2 hours.
  • Updated RetryPolicy to be opt-in with a system setting, Enable Retry On Handlers. When enabled, handler chains are retried if there is a transient error (like a deadlock or connection interruption) during a database query.
  • Split .NET Framework 4.8 and .NET 8 changes to WebIntegrationService GetIntegrationJob to improve stability.
  • Updated how the Approver column loads when you view Website Users in the Admin Console to prevent API calls from failing in a custom handler class.

Bug fixes

  • Addressed a critical security vulnerability that allowed a storefront user to escalate privileges, enabling them to request admin-only APIs.
  • Fixed a serialization issue with the WIS GetIntegrationJob API.
  • Fixed an issue that caused integration processors (specifically CompassApiQuery) to fail.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire with the date range filter in the order history list page for the US Eastern time zone. For example, if you selected November 6, 2023, the filter changed the date to November 5, 2023. This problem persisted for dates from November 6, 2023 onward.
  • Fixed an issue where products disappeared from a list when viewing Shared with others.
  • Fixed an issue on the Checkout - Review & Submit page in Spire where the error styling and message displayed when the page loaded after making the date picker a required field.
  • Fixed an error in Spire when creating a Lookup field mapping on Customer for ShipVia.
  • Fixed an issue when you imported customers with Country and State columns and the State was blank for some records.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when you submitted URLs to Bing with Indexnow.
  • Fixed an error that occurred in Classic when you tried to restore content for a page in draft mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Order Approval - Confirmation page was not displayed after approving an order.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when you uploaded specification files in bulk.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire where the search result page retained the previous scroll position of the latest search.
  • Fixed an error in the buildExtensions.ps1 script when you upgraded to version 5.2.2403.2413+sts.
  • Fixed an issue in Classic where the returnUrl parameter led to an unvalidated redirect bypass.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire where long product names did not wrap and overlapped the price on the Invoice detail page.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire where VMI search fields retained the previous search, even when you browsed pages.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire that caused a table to flash when you deleted a location in the VMI Locations page.
  • Fixed an issue where the list refreshed after you cancelled the print option.
  • Fixed an issue in Classic where the product description was not shown and the product title was not translated after translating content and running the Rebuild Search Index job.

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