Open the developer console

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The developer console helps you debug and troubleshoot live (published) experiments and campaigns. 

Google Chrome

To open the console in Chrome, do one of the following tasks:

  • Right-click any page element and select Inspect Element. Click the Console tab.
  • Using a keyboard shortcut, open Developer Tools and bring focus to the console.

    Windows: Ctrl + Shift + J
    Mac: Cmd + Opt +J

See also console in Chrome.


Mozilla Firefox

To open the console in Firefox:

  1. Install Firebug for a user-friendly version of the developer console.
  2. Right-click an element on the page and select Inspect Element with Firebug

    Or, use the following keyboard shortcuts: 

    Mac: Cmd + Opt + S
    Windows: Cmd + Opt + S

See also console in Firefox.