Unblock Optimizely Web Experimentation's additional redirect check

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This topic describes how to unblock Optimizely Web Experimentation's five-second redirect block.

By default, when you set up a redirect experiment, Optimizely Web Experimentation blocks other redirects for 5 seconds so that you do not cause an infinite loop of redirects.

For example, this might happen if you set a redirect test from www.example.com/original to www.example.com/redirectand you have set URL Targeting to a substring match for www.example.com. 

Because both the original and redirect pages meet the targeting conditions, you will trigger an infinite redirect loop.

If you do not wish to have the 5-second check that blocks additional redirects for 5 seconds and are absolutely sure that your URL Targeting does not include any matches for the site being redirected, then you can unblock additional redirects by following the below instructions.

In Optimizely Web Experimentation, you can unblock additional redirects by enabling Allow Additional Redirect in Redirect settings.

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