Add linked pages to a microsite

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One feature available with microsites is the ability for a website to inherit content from a parent site when you add linked pages that are on the parent site to the microsite via the CMS. You can only have all inherited content from the parent site on a page or all custom content for the microsite on a page. You cannot have both inherited and custom content on the same page on a microsite.

You cannot have duplicate pages with the same name on the microsite. So, for example, you cannot add linked pages for system-created pages like Home, About Us, and so on, on the microsite. Instead, you will have to manually copy and paste or do a copy of the content from one site to the other. Also note that Insite does not have the ability to migrate microsites between environments (such as sandbox to production). You can use the copy content feature in the CMS or export/import functionality in the Admin Console for some content, but you may have to recreate most of the site in production.

  1. Create a new microsite, either through Copy/Export or by adding a new Website under Websites in the Admin Console.
  2. Select a parent site from the Parent Website drop-down list.
  3. Rebuild the index on the parent site and restart the new microsite.
  4. Launch the microsite in the CMS and click Edit to enter edit mode.
  5. Click the arrow next to the page you want to link to the microsite and select Add Linked Page. You cannot link system-created pages or have duplicate pages with the same name on the microsite.
  6. Click Browse in the panel that appears and select the page to link.
  7. Test the inheritance by making a change to the linked page on the parent site, then refresh the same page on the microsite. Any changes you make to the parent site page will automatically apply to the linked page on the microsite, including publishing.

For details on microsites in Spire see Microsite support in Spire.