Request for Quote notifications and messaging

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The Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality provides notifications to users via email and notifications on the website. This helps to ensure users and sales representatives know exactly when a quote comes in and keeps both parties of the transaction well informed throughout the quote lifecycle.

If a Sales Representative provides a price quote on a product, any available promotions are disallowed. Additionally, any promotions applied to an order prior to submitting a quote request will be removed.

Website notifications

Upon logging into the website, a new quote information notification will display in the page header with a link to view the details.

RFQ header

Email notifications

Both Sales Reps and users are notified via email when they receive a quote for review. Customers are notified when their quote is responded to by a sales representative. The emails are similar to what is pictured below:

RFQ Email

This email shows a line by line representation of what is in the quote order. In this example (the email that the user received), it shows the item at the quoted price for the quantity noted on the right. The user can select View Quote to review and accept or reject the quote. If the user rejects the quote, an email is sent to the sales rep, at which point the sales rep can provide a new quote and re-submit.

This email can be seen in the Admin Console under Marketing > Email Templates. The email template for RFQ is RfqQuote.

Email Notification Behavior

As would be expected, emails are automatically sent to the respective sales rep and user to notify them when a quote has been submitted and after a quote has been provided. The sales rep will also receive an email if the quote was rejected.

Additionally, the Order Notification Email Address Setting allows an identified email address to be copied on all confirmation emails.

Dashboard Notifications

Quotes also appear on a user's Dashboard page, in both the Message Center section, and in the Quotes tile. These notifications are created automatically. An example of these notifications can be found below:

RFQ Dashboard


Users and sales representatives can also communicate via the quote messaging system. This system allows the user and the sales representative to message each other and communicate about the quote. This messaging is accessible on the quote details page.

RFQ Messaging

The image above displays the two-way messaging window the customer and sales rep can use to send messages to each other.

This messaging is not real-time; reload the page to see new messages.