Restrict sites by customer

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Optimizely Configured Commerce websites can restrict access based on the customer selected by the user. This functionality is typically used in conjunction with Microsites, or implementations involving multiple customer sites.

Users must be assigned to customers in order for Site Restriction by Customer to function properly.

Customer website restrictions

Marking a website as Restricted in the Admin Console makes the website restricted globally. Then, assign the website to each customer that can access the restricted website.

When a user signs in to the Configured Commerce website and is given the option to choose their Customer or Ship To, only the customers and associated Ship Tos that are allowed website access are displayed as options in the drop-downs.

Set a website as restricted

The following steps set a website as a restricted website. This restricts website access from every customer, except those that specifically have been granted access.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Websites.
  2. Click Edit for the site that is to be restricted.
  3. On the Details tab, ensure the Restricted Website toggle reflects Yes.

Turn on the restrict users to assigned websites setting

  1. Go to Administration > System > Settings in the Admin Console.
  2. Search for Restrict Users to Assigned Websites.
  3. Toggle the Restrict Users to Assigned Websites setting to YES. If YES, website users are unable to sign into websites unless they are directly assigned to them. The default value is YES.
  4. Click Save.

Let customers view the restricted website

The following steps assume that a website has been set up as a restricted website, as shown in the steps above. To allow specific customers access to the restricted website, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Customers.
  2. Click Edit for the Customer which needs access to the restricted website.
  3. Select the Websites tab.
  4. Click Assign Websites.
  5. From the list of displayed websites, select the websites that need to be assigned to the customer.
  6. Click Assign to add the selected websites to the list of websites a customer can access.
  7. Click Done to save.