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By configuring access rights in Optimizely Content Management System (CMS), you can control what visitors and users can see and do on the website, and in the user interface. For example, you can control which pages visitors see, and if they are allowed to add product reviews on an e-commerce site. For users, you can control which functionality different user groups should have access to, and what they can do. For example, create, edit, or publish pages, edit mailings, or do administrative tasks.

Different parts of the Optimizely platform have different built-in roles and groups that are used to control authentication and authorization on a granular level. Permissions are usually set up by developers during implementation and service onboarding. You need to have administrator access to configure access rights in Optimizely.

Front-end access

You can for example control which parts of the website content structure that should be available to all visitors, and which parts should have restricted access only available to logged in users. You can also allow visitors to post comments on the site through access rights. See Access rights in CMS.

User interface access

Top menu

What you see in the top menu of CMS when logged in, depends on which product have selected and your permissions. During onboarding and setup of CMS, the top menu is configured and access rights are defined for different user groups. You can switch between products by using the top menu. Parts of the platform may also be accessed through a specific URL.

Image: CMS global menu


Click the product switcher in the top menu to select a product. The top menu displays the functionality areas for each product. The options you see depend on your permissions. In CMS, for example, you will see all available options Edit, Admin, Reports, and Visitor Groups, if you have administrator access. Users with only editor access will not see the Admin option.

Access to functionality

Depending on the products in your implementation, refer to the following sections for more information.

Optimizely Content Management System

See Access rights in Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) how to manage access rights for website content.

Optimizely Customized Commerce

See Access rights in Optimizely Commerce how to control access for product catalogs, discounts, and order management.

Optimizely Campaign

See User management in Optimizely Campaign how to manage access rights for users and mailing clients.

Optimizely Search & Navigation

See Access rights in Optimizely Search & Navigation how to configure access to search optimization features.

Optimizely Personalization

See Optimizely Personalization, Optimizely Visitor Intelligence, and Visitor Groups, how to work with access rights for personalization features.

Optimizely Apps

Applications (apps) are plug-ins for extending CMS. Apps may have specific user groups defined to access the functionality. See each app to find out more.