Publish Classic CMS pages

  • Updated

Use the functionality to publish multiple pages in the CMS to preview and publish multiple content changes made to your website at one time. You can also set future publish and/or rollback dates and times for these content changes.

You need a role of ISC_ContentAdmin, ISC_Admin, ISC_Implementer or ISC_System to access this functionality.

  1. Access the CMS by clicking the Site Preview button in the Primary Navigation header.
  2. Select the website where you want to update and publish content. The website opens in a new browser tab.
  3. Click the Show CMS icon in the upper left corner.
  4. Click the Toggle Content Tree icon to open the Content Tree.
  5. Click the Edit icon and make changes to several pages.
  6. Click the down arrow next to Publish and select Publish Multiple Pages when you are ready to publish your changes. The Publish Multiple Pages window appears.

  7. Click the Compare button to compare the selected page and context with its currently published version. This opens a screen where you can compare versions side by side, as well as preview the versions on tablet and smart phone devices.

  8. Select the check boxes next to the drafts you want to publish. You can sort the table by clicking any of the column headers. By default, the table sorts alphabetically by Page name.

  9. Select the Set a publish date or range check box if you want to publish at a specific date and time in the future. You can also optionally set a Rollback on date and time if you want to automatically roll back these changes to display the previously published version of the page at a specific point.

    For pages with unpublished content for multiple contexts, if you set a future publish date for one of the contexts, you must either publish other contexts with the same date and time or clear the publish date to enter a new date and time. The Set a publish date or range check box will not appear in the single page publish window in this scenario.

  10. Click Cancel to close the window or Publish to publish your changes immediately if there are no publish and/or rollback dates or on the selected date and time if there are publish and/or rollback dates. If there are no pages that can be published, the message "There are no pages with content changes to publish." appears.

    When executing a bulk publish, if you cannot publish any of the selected pages you updated for any reason, the system will roll back all the published pages and you will see a window showing the pages that could not be published with reasoning why. You have the option to Cancel, so no pages will be published, or Skip these pages and publish, which will skip the listed pages and publish all other pages selected in the bulk publish window.