View product scores with Google developer tools

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This article describes the steps for viewing product scores on a Product List Page (PLP).

Because the ranking scores are determined within Elasticsearch and not Optimizely Configured Commerce, the exact sequencing of logic used to determine rankings is not known.

View a product score

  1. Go to the desired PLP URL. This example uses a sandbox website.
  2. Right-click the page and click Inspect. This will bring up Google Developer Tools.
  3. Search for the desired product.
  4. Go to the Network tab in Google Developer Tools.


  5. The response of the API that was hit starts with applyPersonalization.


  6. Select the Preview tab and click the products drop-down.


  7. Within the product 0 drop-down of the product, scroll down until you find the score of that product. This is the final score of the product.

View the score explanation

The breakdown of how your products are scored is important when marketing your products to current and potential customers. To view the breakdown of your score you will need to follow these steps. 

This example uses a Configured Commerce base code Spire website, but when you're testing this you will want to use either your sandbox or production site.

  1. Modify the product API request on your website URL as shown below:
[WEBSITE URL]/api/v1/products/?applyPersonalization=true&expand=pricing,attributes,facets,scoreexplanation,brand,warehouses,styledProducts,styleTraits,properties&includeAttributes=IncludeOnProduct&includeSuggestions=true&previouslyPurchasedProducts=false&query=[THE QUERY YOU MADE]&searchWithin=&stockedItemsOnly=false
  1. Add your search query to the area noted "the query you made" within the product API request. This example uses "water heater" for the query:,attributes,facets,scoreexplanation,brand,warehouses,styledProducts,styleTraits,properties&includeAttributes=IncludeOnProduct&includeSuggestions=true&previouslyPurchasedProducts=false&query=water+heater&searchWithin=&stockedItemsOnly=false
  1. Place the request in your browser and hit enter.
  2. Scroll down until you see the detailedFieldScores area, which will show you the breakdown of the scoring and how the final score was calculated.mceclip1.png

For a greater understanding of how these scores are impacted, see Understand search ranking and relevance.