Introduction to CRM integrations

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The Optimizely Campaign CRM integrations lets you manage campaigns and select leads and contacts as in your CRM system, and work with mailing creation and dispatch in Optimizely Campaign. You can send personalized content and measure campaign performance directly in CRM, and based on the data, design multistage and re-mailing campaigns.

See the CRM integration guide for an introduction to working with Optimizely Campaign and CRM systems.

CRM systems

Theme Integration Microsoft Dynamics CRM Salesforce SAP
DOI Round-Trip Automatic synchronization of unsubscribes
Send DOI
Import DOI
Multiple DOI per entity
Flexible DOI mapping — Multi client mapping
Campaigns Selections in CRM
Start campaign
Assign Optimizely Campaign reactions
Transmission of custom fields
Recipients Synchronization of recipient lists
Use Marketing Automation
Use Smart Campaigns functions
Custom fields
Admin Flexible client mapping
Support newest versions
Full featured admin interface
Messaging Send transactional-mails
Omni-channel support (E-Mail, SMS, Mobile Push)
Bounce management
Platform specific Support PersonAccounts (Salesforce)
Support B2B und B2C (SAP CRM)
Support managed packages