How countdown timers work

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Optimizely Campaign support two types of countdown timers:

  • Non-animated countdown timer with static display of time remaining.

    If you integrate a non-animated countdown timer into your mailing, when the recipient opens the mailing, a static image with the currently remaining time is generated, loaded into your mailing, and displayed.

  • Animated countdown timer with live countdown.

    If you incorporate an animated countdown timer into your mailing, the counter is active in your top offer for 60 seconds. Animated countdown timers use the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image format. This way, the newsletters contains a ticking clock.

If a countdown timer uses a complex graphic design for its background, your animation may be several megabytes, which is too much for a newsletter and your recipients' inbox. So, the countdown timer file size is limited to 1.5 megabytes.

You can create consistent and attractive layouts while keeping the file size small by splitting a product offer into two parts that you bring back together. Save the product image and/or your key visual as a normal image file (JPEG or PNG) and save the counter as a GIF animation in Optimizely Campaign.

Image: Optimal files size: Divide product offer into two parts

Preparing graphics explains how to split a product offer with a countdown timer into two parts then bring them together into a single graphic in your message.